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The experienced professionals who make up the ASEAN Attorneys Alliance (AAA) network of lawyers and law firms will help supply practical solutions to the coming challenges of liberalizing legal services across the ASEAN member states. As an independent body, the AAA will focus on the coming challenges in liberalizing the ASEAN legal sector at the business and everyday level. By working together in the AAA network, qualified professionals from ASEAN countries will address problems and open business and regulatory channels using real-world applications gained from daily experience with ASEAN business and cross border legal actions. AAA member firms are all independent practices and well-known firms in their local jurisdictions. Member firms have commercial, corporate, business, intellectual property, and litigation practices that supply substantial partner involvement with a focus on growing and developing new clients. AAA firms have a strong regional focus and experience together with significant expertise in ASEAN business matters and proficiency in multiple languages.


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AAA Membership Benefits

  • The AAA offers wide coverage in the ASEAN member states where all member firms abide by an agreed set of service standards and are readily available to assist clients and each other with their legal needs inside and outside their own local jurisdictions.
  • In the ASEAN Attorneys Alliance, relationships are important and all clients, no matter from what firm, are ensured a smooth delivery of services while being treated skillfully in a friendly professional manner.
  • AAA membership is by invitation only. As member firms have undergone a thorough due diligence process, all members have trusted, pre-screened, professional colleagues located all over the region.
  • The AAA is an effective marketing and networking tool that enhances its membership through newsletters and publishing opportunities together with recommendations and referrals from other member firms.
  • Membership allows an AAA firm’s clients easy access to local knowledge in other jurisdictions throughout the ASEAN region without the need to open and maintain an office.
  • The AAA’s joining fee and annual dues are low compared to most international legal associations. Its cost-effective model incorporates a small staff and does not focus time and money on expensive marketing materials; instead, the AAA focuses on regional cooperation and referrals.
  • AAA members can increase and share legal knowledge and become better informed about the legal conditions for doing business or legal enforcement in different areas in the ASEAN region.
  • As members derive great value from face-to-face networking opportunities, the AAA hosts periodic meetings and an annual conference for all member firms.