AAA Membership Criteria

AAA membership is by invitation only and candidates for membership undergo a thorough due diligence process. Candidates for AAA membership are generally full-service law firms with depth and expertise in one or more practices in areas including, but not limited to, corporate law and services, banking, financial markets and investment, finance and commercial law, M&A and related transactions, taxation, real estate, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, employment and labor law, and intellectual property and technology.

ASEAN Attorneys Alliance members should meet the following criteria

  • Firms should be independent practices.
  • Members should be prominent/well-known firms in their local jurisdictions that provide substantial partner involvement and oversight in client matters.
  • Firms should have commercial, corporate, business, intellectual property, and litigation practices with a focus on growing and developing new local and regional clients.
  • Members should have strong domestic and regional focus and experience coupled with significant expertise in local and ASEAN business matters and proficiency in multiple languages.
  • AAA Membership is non-exclusive and participation in international, regional, and practice-specific networks is encouraged.
  • An ongoing commitment to the AAA is required by member firms including, but not limited to, participation in meetings and all other AAA activities, continued development of the AAA, payment of dues, and prompt responses to requests and referrals from other members.
  • Members must be willing to commit to the necessary “partner time” required for successful membership in the AAA.
  • Members must hold an appropriate level of liability insurance for their jurisdiction.

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